ROUGH is a Randers Tegl project for everyone who share the passion for bricks and architecture. ROUGH is a place for you to be inspired, to learn, to share and to play. Scroll to read more about ROUGH.

Randers Tegl Bricks
Randers Tegl Bricks

Ideas rise

Right now, somewhere a great piece of architecture rises from the dust of the construction site. Assembled with new ideas and build by rough materials. We want to make a homage to the brilliant minds behind the big ideas and great architecture. Above all, we want to share the passion for bricks. That is why we collect these rough moments so that we can all be inspired by the work of likeminded.


ROUGH by Randers Tegl

ROUGH moments are brought to you by Randers Tegl. Our consults are the main contributors. They visit more than 1000 construction sites every year and have a talent for the fresh, new, bold stuff. Moreover, we will be sure to keep you posted with new exciting updates from Andreas Piper, our Head of Product Development.


More bricks

Visit randerstegl.dk to see the full range of clay based products from Randers Tegl. Feel free to contact your local representative or our Headquarters if you want to enquire about our products.

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Randers Tegl Bricks

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