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Skejby, Denmark

Elegant masonry detail The approved mock-up, which serves as the standard for the bricklayer work on the entire project. Note the detail of the window recess. The masonry is angled toward the window ...

Nanocoated Ultima

Exclusive summer residence featuring smoked Ultima bricks. One of the bathrooms has a shower with brick walls that have been nanocoated to prevent discoloration. Contractor: TM Development Go to Ultima Bricks >>

Uppsala, Sweden

New project in Uppsala, Sweden - combining a variety of soft-moulded bricks in prefabricated elements. Bricks: RT 307 / RT 542 / RT 511

RT Atle, Sweden

Custom made bricks and blend for a large scale project in Sweden. The bricks have been carefully designed in collaboration with the architects in charge. Project Brick: RT Atle

Oslo, RT 542

High end apartment building in the heart of Oslo. Featuring the exclusive Unika RT 542 softmoulded brick.

RT 154 Ultima, Denmark

Private residence featuring the long brick format - Ultima. Notice the prefabricated beam by Carlsberg Bjælker. Brick used: RT 154 Ultima

Barcode DEG42, Oslo

Pop-out building, Barcode - Dronning Eufemias gate 42, Oslo. Spectacular design by a-lab architects to complete the Barcode skyline in Oslo. All pre-manufactured brick elements by Carlsberg Bjælker, part of the ...

Vesterbro, Aalborg

Suspended brickwork in the heart of Aalborg. All brick elements are premanufactured at Carlsberg Bjælker and transported to the compact construction site. The building slopes toward the street. Bricks used: ...

Horsens, Denmark

Prefabricated brick walls elements with black joints. Handmade brick - Rustica RT445 by Randers Tegl. Architect: GPP Arkitekter A/S Contractor: Jørgen Friis Poulsen A/S

Shining black, new brick

First large scale project with RT 475 Bari - a water struck brick with a shiny black look. The surface of the bricks reflects light creating a vivid play of ...